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We have developed a step by step method that does not overwhelm but gives
you the confidence you need to boost your language performance. We teach with
a smile and you will feel our continued support during your learning journey.

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Kristina Nikolova was born and raised in
Sofia where she attended high school before
heading overseas to continue her education.
After graduating from her degree program at
Strasbourg University (Languages and
Cross-Cultural Studies) and then gaining a
Double Master’s (Bordeaux-Moscow)
Kristina’s passion for languages took her to
the People’s Friendship University in
Moscow where she gained her PhD in Language Studies.
During her PhD, Kristina worked as a University teacher at the
RUDN University. For five years she gave classes in creative linguistics, morphology, philology, syntax, comparative linguistics,
and language study.
She has also prepared many students for a variety of exams, including the Medical Diploma Equivalency Exams for foreign medical diploma, language certificates, Bulgarian citizenship exam and
many more.
With over 10 years experience as a teacher of Bulgarian language
for foreigners, she returned to Bulgaria with her family to establish
her dream project – Kristina Progress Educational Center.

Kristina has worked with students from all around the world, from all walks of life
and nationalities.
Her participation in many conferences dedicated to language study and teaching
methods as well as participating in numerous cultural exchange programs has
helped Kristina build her own system of teaching a foreign language. Her extensive
study and experience have given her the expertise to specify the right teaching
methods and approach for each student.
For years she has studied the best strategies for learning a foreign language which
has qualified her to work with students from every corner of the world and help
them achieve their goals.
Kristina is fluent in English, French, Russian, advanced in Portuguese, intermediate
in Czech, and is currently studying German.
“For every teacher it’s crucial to never stop their own learning process so that they
neve forget what is to be a “student” and so they can relate with their own student’s problems and struggles” – Kristina Nikolova

A Word from Kristina.

“What is really key to my
better understanding of the
struggles a foreigner in Bulgaria faces is my husband
who is from Sao Tome and
Principe. Having been married for many years, I have

greater insight into the issues foreigners can face when they arrive in
Bulgaria. For example, migration services, struggles in shops, misunderstandings with our cultural habits/traditions and many more).
More importantly, it helps relate to my students and what they might
be going through as a foreigner in Bulgaria and learning Bulgarian.
Half of the students in Kristina Progress actually study the language
because their spouse or partner is Bulgarian so being in a similar situation helps us find common ground faster which eases the process
of studying.” Kristina Nikolova

Kristina Nikolova has been teaching Bulgarian for foreigners for more than 10 years
and she has worked with students from USA, Brazil, Russia, Canada, France, Finland, Israel, Azerbaijan, Ukraine, Great Britain, Spain, Pakistan, Syria, China, Mozambique, Netherlands, India, Germany, Romania, Turkey and many, many more.