Students reviews

Kristina is a fantastic teacher, and works with her students to ensure that they are truly comprehending the subject matter. Her passion for her students and their learning is present during every lesson, and this page perfectly reflects on her goal to help us learn Bulgarian. It's definitely not an easy language, but Kristina has made it not only achievable but also fun to learn. Good luck!
Kristina is a great teacher! She is very flexible and can adapt to the student's preferred learning style, interests, and language goals. She is very patient but also ensures that you are making progress. I like that she always gives a lot of homework, because there is always something to work on to progress your goals (she is of course understanding if you don't have time to finish it - but having the option of lots of things to study and work on between lessons is really beneficial in my opinion). She is very enthusiastic and will help students confidently achieve their goals. I definitely recommend her if you are learning Bulgarian!
Kristina has helped me tremendously in particular with my specific need of Bulgarian. She designed a way for me to do public speaking to groups of Bulgarians which was extremely beneficial. I have tried many different teachers and programs, but I can honestly say Kristina has helped me the most. I highly recommend if you want to learn, she is what you need
I've been a student of Kristina for a year and a half now. I thought I was never going to be able to learn Bulgarian cause it seemed so difficult to me. Luckily Kristina has a very positive approach towards learning and she provides materials, practical examples and she's always kind and available. It motivated me a lot to continue studying and now I can say I reached a comfortable level of communication. In the beginning I shared our expectations regarding the course and she made sure to adapt it to my needs. Now, Kristina got a new student which is my 60 year old mom. She won't let a review here but I'm sure she can confirm everything I say. Kristina is simply the best.